Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Bard

So I was thinking, why is it that the old artists never gave Shakepeare a smile? I'm sure the man who wrote As You Like It, A Midsimmer Night's Dream, and The Comedy of Errors didn't walk around looking glum all the time. . .
. . . So here is Shakespeare smiling! :)


Christi said...

Cool sketch - could we use it on our drama t-shirts? - Chris Goosman, Searsport District High School, Searsport, Maine

PeasinaPod said...

Hi Josh,

Would you mind if I used your fabulous smiling Shakespeare in a library guide about Shakespearian resources. I'm a librarian from Melbourne Australia who thinks, like you, that this man must have smilked at some point - there is, after all, a great deal of wit in his work. So why not have with a wry smirk - which i think yoi have captured so well here. :) My name is Mary Stone & my email is: Please say 'yes'. Cheers